Tuesday, 2 July 2019

CAS Watercolour July Challenge

Welcome to a new challenge hosted by Susan
Check out the Top Picks from June's Something Blue challenge HERE.

Special Event


Please join us in celebrating Darnell's Birthday!!

Message from Susan
Hello CAS cardmakers!  Susan here, happy to host this month.  I have a garden full of flowers and love bringing bouquets in for my kitchen table, hence my choice of this month's theme.

Please make sure that your card depicts a bouquet of flowers - a single branch or stem does not count as a bouquet, nor does a flower garden.  It can be just a bouquet or it can be in a vase.

Participants are asked to make a CAS Watercoloured Bouquet of Flowers Birthday card in Darnell's honour.

Please follow the challenge rules:
    • Cards only following monthly theme
    • CAS design (clean and simple) - definition on sidebar
    • Include watercolouring or watercolour look that uses water
    • Include link to challenge on your blog post
    • Enter up to three (3) times
    Thank you!!!

    One more part to this special event.
    The team has made special cards for Darnell's birthday,
    along with our Guest Designer this month, Leslie (Running with Scissors),
    and several Featured Designers (friends from the retreat).

    During our retreat, Darnell (Dolly to us) was up early one morning
    and decided she wanted some frozen blueberries.
    Somehow the bag wasn't sealed and Dolly ended up spilling almost the whole, Costco-sized bag of blueberries all over the floor.
    Bonnie snapped these pictures.

    See the swipe of blueberries in the right photo??  Dolly panicked and grabbed a large piece of card stock to "smoosh" the blueberry juice.

    Well, we kept that piece, cut it up and each of the Designers used one on their card below. :)

    (Guest Designer)







    Featured Guests






    The challenge is open until July 24th.
    Winner and Outstanding Designs will be announced July 28th.

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    1. Oh, my lacy bloomers, you girls!! What imps you are!! I'm overwhelmed and teary-eyed over this wonderful and fun post in my honor! Thank you so, so much. MWAHS and hugs and love to each of you! It's a riot being 70!! Dolly

      1. So excited that you saw your special 70th birthday post already, my dear sweet forever girlfriend:-) It has been so fun keeping your secret since before we left our Retreat for home:-) Can you believe so many chatty girls could keep it all to ourselves since May 22nd:-) Amazing...have the best ever birthday Dolly...Love and Hugs...nancy

    2. Happy Birthday Darnell!!! What a fabulous way to celebrate ..... love the cards with the blueberry smooshed cardstock .... that is just genius! xx

    3. Oh my gosh - your DT cards are just TOO funny with the smooshed blueberry!! What a fun tribute to a hysterically funny girl! Happy B'day sis!! xx

    4. Oh how fun!! Those are some darn amazing cards you ladies have all made! Who'd a thunk -- blueberries making such cool designs. Organic, I'd say! Awesome!! Hope to play along and add my tribute! Very cool. Bev

    5. That must have been one giant piece of smooshed blueberry paper for you all to get your backgrounds from it. How funny is this. Darnell is such a hoot and I'd be happy to make a birthday card for her. Well besides the one that's already in the mail. ;)

    6. Dear Ladies, this is so sweet gesture to wish Darnell all the best for her birthday! She deserves this because she is a wonderful person. I will remember forever the day I met her. She picked up two person (my husband and myself) with the jet lag from the other part of the world on the wrong train station and took us to her house. It was a day to remember! Thank you, my friend! Love you. <3 All the best for your birthday!
      (I will enter the card I have send to Darnell for her birthday.)
      Hugs, Sonja

    7. Well that's one heck of a lot of blueberry juice..lol, and some gorgeous floral bouquets to go with the juicy backgrounds and a great celebration of Darnell's 70th birthday too. I hope you will be having a fun celebration today Darnell, and adding my best wishes for a Happy Birthday! x

    8. Happy Birthday to Darnell. What a sweet and creative way to celebrate her birthday. Love all the gorgeous cards.

    9. Happy special birthday to the lovely Darnell and what a fun and thoughtful idea for the team and designers to make cards out of the smooshed blueberry card x All your cards are unique and amazingly creative x.

    10. This story just made me smile! Happy Birthday Darnell and so clever to cut up the card-stock and use it on your designs! They are all so fabulous!

    11. what a wonderful tribute to one of my favorite card makers in Blog land! I will make a real effort to play along! Such a cool idea to keep the card stock and make wonderful memories to last!

    12. What a fun story and a great idea
      to use the hand “dyed” card stock!
      Beautiful cards!

    13. What a funny incident and photo to share that too on Darnell's birthday !! Its perfect as she never misses a chance to bring smile with her posts.Happy Birthday Darnell ! And its really cool to use that cardstock with blueberry juice on all the cards :)

    14. Awesome friends...turning a blueberry ooops into a celebration....fabulous cards DT and a wonderful way to delight Darnell on her birthday - Surprise Happy Birthday Darnell - ENJOY!!!

    15. Happy Birthday Darnell!! Fabulous cards from the team!

    16. what fun - brilliant cards too. Happy Birthday Darnell

    17. Oh Darnell, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear lady, you are one of my most favorite card makers and bloggers, you totally ROCK!!!!!
      Love all the amazing cards your friends created using the blueberry stained paper, I truly hope you were able to clean your floor, blueberry juice is difficult to clean from any surface.
      I'm sending lots of love, hugs and best wishes my friend.
      Maria Rodriguez.

    18. This may be the best thematic group of cards ever! Happy birthday to Darnell, and totally love the idea of using the blueberry paper!

    19. Happy Birthday Darnell! The blueberry papers are fabulous! Brilliant idea and so much fun, Cathy x

    20. I can smell the blueberries all the way over here!!! That mishap is just too funny. I love that you kept and used that piece of CS. Talk about finding inspiration everywhere... Darnell, you wonderful lady... all the best to you for your new year. Hugs.

    21. I had to join in because bouquet is such a great prompt! I'm playing just for fun! Thanks again everyone!! Hugs, Darnell

    22. Happy Birthday Darnell, and what terrific use you put that blueberry juice to.
      Thanks to the team for all the brillliant inspiration, Kate x